Construction sector should remain visible online during Covid-19 outbreak

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By Simon Young, Magic Word Media

The construction industry is mostly in lockdown and businesses like yours are facing a marketing dilemma. With revenue streams falling, how can you maintain your content marketing efforts? Before tackling that issue, we must first answer why you should bother.

Content marketing works best as a steady drumbeat of communication. Over time, your material is received and understood by a wider audience, like a snowball effect. Further, when it comes to producing articles or any new website content, you continue to improve your critical SEO efforts.

If you stop playing the drums, everything goes quiet.

And if you quit making noise, Google begins to overlook you at a time when your competitors are still sticking to their drumbeat.

It’s essential, therefore, to explore ways to keep your communications going. Add blogs to your website, keep your social media channels updated, think about uploading informative videos. Remember that internal communications are also critical – with staff furloughed or working from home, your business should communicate regularly with a weekly company update.

Simon Young Magic Word Media and Clare Friel Ltd
Simon Young of Magic Word Media Ltd, and Clare Friel of Friel Ltd

My own business, Magic Word Media, is one of East Anglia’s premier content agencies. I provide articles, blogs and new website content, powerful internal comms, ad copy and more.

I am also a co-founder of this Construction Anglia website. My partner here, Clare Friel, runs a marketing business, too, and can help with social media campaigns, video, PR and more.

Did you know that 94% of B2B marketers distribute content via LinkedIn? Or that there are nine billion content impressions on the LinkedIn feed each week? Why should your business remain silent?

While, as you’d expect, some clients have pulled up the drawbridge during the coronavirus outbreak, many others realise the communications drumbeat must go on. Abandoning it for possibly months is bad enough, but it will also take a further month or two on the other side to gain traction again.

I would urge you to consider how your communications should continue at this difficult time – even if it were just a weekly email to your teams or occasional social media posts. But do consider your long-form content, too, which gets the most shares from LinkedIn, directing traffic to your website.

For my part, I am willing to spread my fees over several months to help your cash flow.

You can email me at, get in touch via my LinkedIn profile or call 01473 526424. Or you can call Clare about her services on 01473 684192.