Contracts Manager Chloe reflects on her time as an apprentice

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Chloe Mcguire has recently completed her apprenticeship and is now working as a Contracts Manager and managing her own projects at RG Carter.

I completed a 5 year long Management Trainee Apprenticeship at R G Carter. My roles consisted of learning and assisting colleagues in day to day tasks throughout each of our departments, no day was ever the same which is something I love about the job. I decided to take the apprenticeship route as it gave me the opportunity to gain practical experience with the support and leadership of other professionals.

I wanted to find a career that fulfilled me as an individual, which I didn’t believe I would get with a traditional further education route. I think one of the best aspects of completing my apprenticeship is being able to grow as an individual and professional, whilst learning invaluable knowledge and skills. The benefit to an apprenticeship is the wide range of people that are available to learn from on site and in the office, this suited me and my learning style. R G Carter also works on a wide range of projects across different sectors which helped widen my experience as an apprentice. In terms of inspirations, Jakob Betts always inspired me during my apprenticeship, his drive and determination was a quality of his that I admired. He was a Contracts Manager at the time and is now our Construction Manager at R G Carter, throughout my years here I’ve witnessed his hard work pay off which is a credit to both himself and R G Carter.

If I had to give one piece of advice to future apprentices I would say to pursue an apprenticeship in whichever field interests you the most. The experience and life skills you gain from entering the workplace, will put you in excellent stead in finding a career with longevity that provides a sense of purpose.

Apprenticeships, particularly in the construction sector, play a key role in creating a skilled and sustainable workforce. These programs offer individuals a hands-on learning experience, combining practical training with theoretical knowledge. In construction apprenticeships, apprentices work alongside professionals allowing them to gain valuable insights into the intricacies of the industry.

This mentorship not only provides technical skills but also promotes a strong work ethic and safety consciousness. As the construction industry constantly evolves with technological advancements and changing demands, apprenticeships serve as a platform for adapting to new practices and technologies. Moreover, they address the industry’s ongoing need for skilled workers, ensuring a steady supply of qualified professionals. Encouraging apprenticeships in construction not only supports the individual’s professional growth but also contributes significantly to the industry’s long-term sustainability and competitiveness”

RG Carter comments;

At R G Carter we are extremely proud of our long-standing heritage in supporting the next generation which spans over fifty years within our inhouse R G Carter Academy.

We currently have over 60 apprentices in the business,  helping us to deliver some amazing projects across the Group, from design and engineering to construction and M&E, all of which are an incredibly important part of our teams.

There are people working at R G Carter who have been with us for many years, some over 40 years, who started as an apprentice with the Firm.

The people that help train, mentor and support our apprentices are also key to apprenticeship success, passing down vital experience and skills to ensure we continue to deliver the very best expertise and everyone fulfils their career potential.

We are also proud to have been awarded by The 5% Club, enhanced Gold membership, which recognises the continued development of our employees through ’earn and learn’ schemes such as our apprenticeship programme. We are tremendously proud of our apprentices across the Firm and to be externally recognised by the 5% Club is not only a great accolade but supports our ongoing commitment to the next generation