Customer engagement provides structure for improved business performance

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Superstructures in Ipswich
James Potter of Superstructures assesses client feedback

Ipswich-based Superstructures has used client feedback to enhance the delivery of its services.

James Potter, MD of the 13-strong structural engineering and design business explained: “We recently undertook a client survey with an aim to discover ways we could improve.

“We want to be the best we can be and in order to do that, we need to act on any areas that are perceived as weaker than others.

“Due to human nature and because everyone is busy, it’s difficult to get real feedback from professionals, so we offered an incentive for each survey completed. We had a great response receiving an overall scoring of 8.7/10.

“Picking up on the feedback, team workshops were run to brainstorm ideas for improvement, and as a direct result of the survey, we’ve adopted actions to further enhance our communication and design processes; all of which will help make our business stronger and more robust.”