Larkfleet Group announces innovative partnerships for ultrafast broadband

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Larkfleet Group reveals partnerships with Virgin Media and Open Fibre Networks Ltd, to bring ultrafast and reliable broadband to new developments.

All new Allison Homes, Larkfleet Homes and Larkfleet Homes South West developments will have access to reliable and ultrafast broadband from 2021. These new partnerships come at a time where people are more reliant than ever on broadband to live and work from home.

Through these new partnerships, homeowners can benefit from reliable and trustworthy broadband, whether they are working from home or watching the latest films or sports matches.

When buyers purchase a Larkfleet or Allison Homes home at one of the participating developments, they can choose from a range of Virgin Media packages including ultrafast gigabit broadband speeds, TV and mobile services.

Larkfleet's Harriers Rest development at Wittering
Larkfleet’s Harriers Rest development at Wittering

Homeowners can take their connectivity to the next level as Virgin Media also provides gigabit broadband speeds to more than seven million homes across the UK and its entire network will be connected to the market leading speeds by the end of the 2021.

Buyers based in the South-West, can select their preferred package from a choice of 15 internet providers through Open Fibre Networks Ltd.

John Anderson, CEO Larkfleet Group, said: “We are very excited to announce our new partnerships with Virgin Media and Open Fibre Networks Ltd and to be able to offer our buyers the option of fast and reliable broadband, not matter their location.

“We know just how important strong and dependable internet is to our daily lives and the pandemic has only enhanced that, with many more of us not only spending leisure time at home but also having to work from home too. By creating these new partnerships, all our developments will have high-quality broadband built-in, and homeowners will receive reliable and highspeed internet from day one, ensuring a seamless transition to their new home.

“Alongside our broadband offering, we are also developing a range of home office options, from bespoke units for kitchen desks to garage conversions and garden pods. The way we are working has changed and with these options we can give buyers full flexibility to find their ideal home setup.”

Luke Pattinson, Head of Business Development at Virgin Media, said: “This partnership between Virgin Media and Allison Homes and Larkfleet Homes will mean that new homeowners will have access to the UK’s fastest widely available broadband speeds upon moving into their new home.

“It is vital that all new homes have access to fast broadband at a time when connectivity has never been more important. We are expanding our partnerships with other housing developers across the UK to ensure more homes are connected to such vital services.”