Local training provider endeavours to bridge the roofing skills gap

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Did you know there is a shortage of roofers? Of course you did.

And do you know where you can potentially find roofers? No, because if you did you would be banging on the door of the “roofers supply shop” demanding them.

Because the answer is “no” please read on….

Shortages with labour have plagued the construction industry for some time now, roofing is particularly affected. It’s even worse if you want a female roofer where the number of females working in the industry account for less than 13%.

To try and alleviate this national problem since 2019, GLA have delivered hundreds of pitched, single ply and liquid waterproofing courses to people in prison. Many who have never lifted a hammer or used a tape measure.

Although there is lots of bravado, there is little actual confidence with the majority of prisoners. 

Courses start from a very basic position, we assume the learner has never used a hand tool before. They are taught how to use tools correctly and safely and how to put them to good use. 

Over the first few days of the courses the learner starts to believe in themselves and acknowledge that there is a potential well paid career opportunity away from their former lives.

The results of their endeavours can be staggering. People with no previous construction experience will end up tiling and slating roofs on their own. Using hand slate cutters to trim slates and using a trowel to run verges and bed ridge. 

They learn how to work out the correct gauges for all the tiles and slates they are working with, and they install all the associated dry fix products. On the flat courses the men are taught how to install insulation and weather flat roofs using a heat gun or brushes and rollers.

Everyone gains product knowledge and the general terms used across the roofing industry. The “F” word is seemingly not the most prevalent.

While we would never pretend to turn out experienced roofers, what we do is provide the roofing industry with potential valuable employees who in turn can be the trade’s people of tomorrow.

GLA delivers roofing courses across East Anglia and the Southeast. Most trainees will have a CSCS card. When released they are ready for work. They just need a chance to prove themselves.

GLA delivers a two-week intense pitched roofing course that covers Interlocking tiles, Plain tiles and Natural Slate. A one-week flat roofing course covering Single Ply membranes, insulation, green roofs and slabbing to balconies and a one-week flat roofing course covering Liquid waterproofing.

If you would like further information as to how we can help you solve your recruitment need please contact GLA Group – info@glagroup.uk