Norfolk and Suffolk Property Drinks expand into Essex

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Norfolk and Suffolk Property Drinks are free events aimed at bringing professionals from across the property and construction sector together for informal networking.

The Norfolk Drinks are held on the first Friday of the and the Suffolk Drinks are held on the last Friday of the month, in local venues with monthly sponsors from companies in the industry.

Back in 2015, Regional Commercial Director at Lovell Partnerships Ltd Matthew Goakes decided it was time Norfolk had a new monthly event that was more lighthearted, a chance for industry professionals to network, chat and have a nice evening, separate from the regular corporate events that already exist in the industry.

“Whilst attending a corporate event, along with a friend from the industry, we discussed the networking scene in Norfolk and we both agreed that it was lacking a more regular, relaxed and inclusive event. 

“We therefore established the Norfolk Property Drinks in September 2015, with the basic premise of facilitating a forum at which professionals from across the construction industry could meet monthly, without expectation other than to chat! 

“Over the years we have had many different industry linked businesses sponsor the event and I believe it has helped to connect, foster and grow new relationships across the sector.”

Clare Friel, director and founder of Friel and Construction Anglia, attended one of Matthew’s Norfolk events and hugely appreciated what he was doing and what the event was bringing to the area.

“After attending Norfolk Property drinks I realised what a valuable event it was, and that we had nothing like it in Suffolk. In September 2018 I launched Suffolk Property Drinks with the blessing of Matt Goakes.

“This has become a staple event in a lot of people’s diaries. It is informal which is the draw for a lot of attendees, we have a real mix of businesses from architects to subcontractors. We even had a celebrity appearance from Omid Djalili at one of our events! 

“Suffolk and Norfolk have been so well received that we decided to launch Essex Property Drinks this month.”

Clare has recently decided to expand and launch the same event in Essex alongside Charlotte Hyams-Winger from Cadman Construction, the first of which is being held at the end of this month. These events are very well received and a chance for like-minded individuals to come together, share insights, and build lasting connections in the property and construction sector. 

With the success of Norfolk and Suffolk Property Drinks as a testament to the power of informal networking, Clare’s expansion into Essex promises to further strengthen the bonds within the industry, fostering growth, collaboration, and camaraderie among professionals.

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