Shaping the UK’s Foundation Industry: A Decade of Foundations

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SPEEDECK Foundations, a trailblazer in innovative Design and Build foundation solutions in the UK, has established itself as a frontrunner in the industry over the past decade. This June boasts decade-long expertise, bolstered by a dedicated team of geotechnical and design engineers and a proficient construction team, SPEEDECK continuously sets new benchmarks, showcasing resilience and navigating through supply chain disruptions and economic fluctuations within the construction sector.

Over the past ten years, SPEEDECK has continually pushed boundaries, setting new standards of excellence in simplified foundation solutions across the UK. This milestone not only signifies a decade of success but also reflects the enduring commitment of the entire growing team towards delivering exceptional results and exceeding client expectations. This anniversary is a testament to the company’s resilience, adaptability, and relentless pursuit of excellence, propelling them towards even greater accomplishments in the years to come.

With an extensive portfolio featuring hundreds of completed sites across the UK, including notable projects like the award-nominated project – Clay Cross in Derbyshire, SPEEDECK has earned its reputation for excellence. Delving into the company’s journey of growth and innovation, we caught up with Mark Badham, Managing Director at SPEEDECK.

“During recent years, our expansion trajectory has been remarkable. Our commitment spans from one-off care home projects to large-scale new build housing developments,” says Mark, underlining SPEEDECK’s dedication to each project’s unique requirements.

He emphasises, “Our custom design and build solution demonstrates our commitment to every client, acknowledging the importance of each project entrusted to us. By collaborating with our clients, we integrate into their team, working together to create a synergy throughout the project.”

SPEEDECK’s enduring commitment quality enables the company to offer clients more streamlined and cost-effective solutions through the design and build raft foundation solution. Mark explains, “By staying true to our core principles, we cultivate strong partnerships with clients who value the enhanced benefits we bring to their projects by emphasising efficiency and cost savings.”

The company’s dedication to innovation, coupled with its structured engineering department, has garnered recent accolades, with SPEEDECK named as a finalist at the Ground Engineering Awards for Technical Excellence.

“It’s the expertise and commitment of our in-house team that truly sets us apart within the industry,” Mark asserts. “As adept problem-solvers with a proactive approach, we excel in delivering customised solutions across various projects and sectors with a focus on reducing components thus offering a sustainable saving on construction materials.”

Looking ahead, SPEEDECK remains steadfast in its mission to solidify its position as the number one provider of foundation solutions in the UK market. Mark elaborates, “Our bespoke approach to each project allows us to focus on quality, leveraging our in-house technical expertise to meet evolving client needs and deliver genuine value engineering solutions in a competitive landscape.”

With ten years under our belt and an unwavering commitment to excellence, SPEEDECK anticipates sustained growth and unlimited success in the years ahead.