Topping Out Ceremony for Bibb Way Marks Milestone in Development

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Today, we are pleased to announce the successful completion of the topping out ceremony for Bibb Way, a significant milestone in the development of this exciting project.

The ceremony, attended by the new Mayor of Ipswich, Councillor Elango Elavalakan, symbolises the progress of this significant housing development.

“We are thrilled to reach this pivotal point in the construction of Bibb Way,” says the Mayor Elavalakan. “This project demonstrates our commitment to providing affordable homes to the people of Ipswich. I am proud to stand here today and witness the progress we are making.”

Bibb Way is set to deliver 150 new houses and flats on the former BT site. By developing on the former office block, Handford Homes can deliver homes, with open green spaces and make improvements to Alderman Road Recreation Ground and Alderman Road canal, providing easy access to beautiful local walks.

Councillor Neil MacDonald, Ipswich Borough Council Leader, says:

“The development of new, affordable housing is a top priority for Ipswich Borough Council. With the growing demand for housing in Ipswich, we are delighted to announce that 300 new homes will be delivered over the next three years, and this topping out ceremony is just one of many milestones, and I am thrilled to witness the progress being made.”

Colin Kreidewolf, Chair, Handford Homes, says:

“This project contributes to Ipswich Borough Council’s bigger initiative to provide sustainable, affordable living in Ipswich. The properties are built to high energy efficient standards, with the introduction of Heat Source Pumps in our properties for the first time.”

Handford Homes prides itself on building developments with environmental considerations at their core, including solar panels, increased insulation, energy efficient heating, and wildlife corridors.

Steven Russell, Director, Brooks and Wood, says:

“This is a significant milestone for the project, and we are excited to be including the traditional placing of the final tile to mark the occasion.”

The project is on track for completion late 2024, with the anticipation that Bibb Way will quickly become a cornerstone of the local community.