Hannah Jarman wins Plant Operator of the Year

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Earlier this month Hannah Jarman was recognised as the best construction plant operator in the UK. She won the award at the UK Plant Operators Magazine’s competition held in Hertfordshire.

She was up against 37 other competitors including her Dad Mark, who finished second and her Brother Lewis. The competition involved various skills tests whilst controlling a 21 tonne excavator designed to test the limits of the skills of the competitors. Hannah started out as a Receptionist at East Anglian Civil Engineering Contractors, Breheny Civil Engineering 7 years ago, before realising she wanted to work out on sites in an excavator driver.

Hannah was quick to praise her family “As they say, when you get one Jarman you get all 3, so in my eyes all 3 of us are winners, as without the two supporting me so much I don’t think I would have ever gone through with being a machine driver. They have taught me everything I know and I will forever be grateful to the both of them”.

Hannah is 27 and has been driving excavators for Breheny Civil Engineering for 6 years having previously completed an Apprenticeship in Construction. Her Dad and Brother have also worked for the business for many years. All of the Jarman family have entered the competition before with Mark finishing 2nd again last year. Hannah is keen to promote civil engineering and get other females into the profession.