Helping the construction industry continue during COVID-19 pandemic

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Tom Dale of TD360
Tom Dale at work

A young company providing bespoke virtual tours has seen demands for its services to the construction industry grow tremendously during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Tom Dale, a Google Trusted 360-degree Photographer and virtual tour creator, established TD360 to provide high-quality
immersive tours to assist companies to showcase their premises.

However, with so many people involved in development and
construction suddenly themselves restricted to home working, the ability to virtually walk around a potential or current site has
become invaluable to many firms.

Tom said: “Before COVID-19, my initial commissions were from companies wanting to show off completed projects, but now I find myself helping throughout the property cycle. This is especially the case with enhanced or annotated tours that provide information to the user as they virtually walk around the site.

“I have produced tours for site appraisals of potential sites for both planning and CDM hazard assessments, surveys of existing buildings, a tour for a pre-tender site-visit and walk-throughs of current construction sites.”

TD360 construction site image

These tours have enabled hundreds of consultants, estimators, construction managers and clients all to stay home during this period but allow to progress projects.

With all of us learning just how much can be done remotely, Tom believes that even when restrictions are lifted the construction industry will enjoy a 360 virtual tour for collaboration and information sharing. Moreover, saving time and travel and the ability to always return to a site brings its own efficiencies.

As Greg Scott of Clancy Consulting commented having used one of these
tours: “Even if you visit yourself, you will always forget that one photo you need to show your team.”

Find out more on the TD360 website.