Housing Developer commits to eco-friendly living in Suffolk

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David Wilson Homes is providing an insight into how it will ensure its Henley Gate development in Ipswich will support the surrounding environment. 

Located on Oxlip Boulevard, the development is being constructed with an aim to introduce modern living to the community but also to preserve local wildlife. 

A major part of David Wilson Homes’ eco-friendly vision for Henley gate is protecting local wildlife by incorporating a variety of nature-friendly homes throughout the development. 

Throughout construction, 11 swift bricks and seven bird boxes are being spaced around the development to provide a welcoming habitat for local birds. As well as placing 15 bat boxes around the upcoming community. 

It will also features a network of hedgehog highways, that stretch over 380m around the development, to facilitate hibernation and reproduction for local wildlife. 

During the construction process, over 190 trees are being planted to safeguard the existing plants and trees around the development, as well as to complement the 1.6 acres of green open space at Henley Gate. 

Alongside this, allotments will be included throughout the Ipswich development for local wildlife and residents alike to enjoy. 

Tom Wright, Managing Director at David Wilson Homes Eastern Counties, said: “We take great pride in the thoughtful measures that we are implementing at the Henley Gate development, to ensure there is a welcoming home for everyone. 

“Extensive planning and care are integrated into creating a sustainable and environmentally diverse living space for both residents and wildlife.”

The Henley Gate development will open with a range of two, three and four bedroom homes available to help a range of homebuyers in the area step up on the property ladder.