Structural audit division launch by JMS Group

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JMS Group, the national civil and structural engineering firm headquartered in Ipswich, has created a new Structural Audit Survey division, which operates throughout the UK, supporting some of the largest companies in the world, including leading aggregate supplier, Hanson.

Unplanned downtime is one of the biggest fears for any business, particularly in the manufacturing and supply industries, where a halt in production can be disastrous.  One of the major causes of unplanned downtime can be structural failure which, aside from putting staff in danger, can lead to missed deadlines, vast repair bills, and a damaged reputation.

Jo Kingshott, senior auditing coordinator at JMS explains; “It’s no coincidence that our Structural Auditing Survey team is known as the S.A.S. The team of experienced engineers work with organisations of all kinds, to ensure their plants and buildings are structurally safe. And when we identify problems, our bespoke software means our report, with photographic evidence, and practical guidance for remedial action, is in our clients’ hands the same day. It’s about preventative maintenance and swift solutions, rather than costly post-failure repair.”

“Our team is methodical and thorough, and if we spot any potential issues, we flag them in the instant report. It’s all about ensuring the safety of site personnel and safeguarding the investment an organisation has made in their plants and buildings.”

To find out more about JMS’ unique S.A.S. Division, contact Jo Kingshott, Senior Auditing Coordinator, on 01473 487047  or visit