Unlocking Economic Horizons: Announcement of Sizewell C DCO Trigger

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As the voice of Suffolk business, providing unwavering support for the success of businesses in Suffolk since 1884, this week’s latest announcement of the triggering of Sizewell C’s Development Consent Order (DCO) signifies a significant milestone for the Suffolk business community.

This landmark event marks a pivotal juncture for Suffolk businesses, offering a gateway to unique economic prospects. Capitalising on the vast potential that will unfold, the Sizewell C Supply Chain Team, an integral part of the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, is committed to positioning the Suffolk business community at the forefront of the Sizewell C project. Already, several Chamber members are reaping the rewards, securing contracts and actively participating in the project. This milestone not only signifies a tremendous economic opportunity for Suffolk but also underscores the Chamber’s dedication to ensuring local businesses are well-positioned to derive maximum benefits.

Elevating Local Businesses through Supply Chain Opportunities

The triggering of the Sizewell C Development Consent Order heralds a multitude of opportunities for local businesses to engage in the supply chain. This not only propels economic growth but also generates employment prospects for the local community. The construction of Sizewell C acts as a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development.

Sizewell C Supply Chain manager Ashley Shorey-Mills commented, ‘’This marks an exciting time for the business community of Suffolk, and the wider region. Through the £4.4bn commitment to the supply chain, business of all shapes and sizes will see opportunity on their doorstep, and our role at the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce is to help maximise and create a sustainable legacy, supporting those who wish to take part in this nationally significant project.’’

‘’Today’s announcement should breed confidence and optimism to the over 2,500 business already signed up with us, and the many more who are yet to join our supply chain engagement portal. The East coast is the leading the way in the UK’s Energy secure future.’’

One of the key advantages for businesses in Suffolk is the opportunity to secure lucrative contracts. The construction phase of the power station will require expertise in various areas such as civil engineering, architectural design, electrical and mechanical works, and site preparation. Local businesses in these sectors can bid for contracts, driving growth and expansion within their respective industries. This not only boosts revenue for local businesses but also stimulates the growth of the local manufacturing and distribution sectors.

The construction and operation of Sizewell C will also generate employment opportunities for the local workforce. Businesses can contribute to the workforce’s development by offering training programs, apprenticeships, and employment opportunities, enhancing skills and employability.

In addition to direct opportunities, this will stimulate demand for ancillary services such as transportation, accommodation, catering, and waste management. Local businesses in these sectors can expand their operations and cater to the needs of the Sizewell C and its workforce, further boosting the local economy.

Seizing Opportunities for Growth

The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce encourages all local businesses to actively engage in the Sizewell C Supply Chain, contributing to the region’s economic growth, job creation, and establishing themselves as key players in the project.

For further information and to explore potential opportunities visit www.sizewellcsupplychain.co.uk